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Technology. Science. Quality.

We bring together quality and technology for the best in electrical panel!

The panels that we design and produce with our science and knowledge ensure the proper distribution of power supplies;

Fuse, breaker, relay and other protection devices in the panel take precautions against overload, short circuit and other safety problems. Every board we produce is tested.

Panorama Technology

A large part of the environmental disturbances occurring worldwide are due to the “rational use of energy resources”. This is a situation that threatens the environment and therefore humanity. We produce with our PANORAMA TECHNOLOGY brand panels in order to keep energy under control and use it rationally. In line with this awareness, we continuously develop ourselves with continuous professional training, developing a sense of responsibility, using the right personnel, choosing the right materials and technologies, and producing panels that will work smoothly and efficiently for years with competitive prices. Systematic solution of all possible problems; The quality of PANORAMA TECHNOLOGY Panel systems is possible with the agreements made with partners approved by world standards. We produce solutions to your problems with the corporate culture, knowledge, skills, customer-oriented service and quality understanding created by our experience in accordance with the standards of products, services and training received from international companies.